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Development of the Tibetan plateau green vegetable documentary 4000 metres

2017/07/25 18:19
In Tibetan plateau, has a "granary," said the xigaze bainang county of Tibet, Tibet is now become the most important production base of green vegetables, why don't produce vegetables plateau make melon seeds fragrance? Become a new industry? Is the hordes of shandong Tibetan cadres and vegetables expert unremitting efforts, as 4000 m plateau green vegetables development variations, Tibetan farmers to make more and more rich.
Overture: hold Tibetan farmers grow vegetables
It's hard to believe in more than 300 kilometers away from mount Everest xigaze bainang county, nearly 4000 meters above sea level in the fields of establishing the past vegetable greenhouses, from time to time in the shade of the old farmer Tibetan raise fresh-cut watermelon motioned for vehicles to buy. Reporter walked into bazaar old township township Peng Cang village more than 70 - year - old barton bead home vegetable greenhouses, see he is organizing the first flowering tomatoes, he is an expert in the county first follow the shandong jinan vegetables to learn one of the Tibetan farmers planting greenhouse vegetables. Now he and his son manages several greenhouses, the kind of highland barley income is only 2000 yuan per acre, and cultivation of greenhouse vegetables each tent can income 8000 yuan.
According to the old man, ancestors of barley for a living and local villagers, just before the open of Chinese cabbage, radish and potato, can want to kind of melons, tomatoes, and peppers in greenhouses is a very difficult thing for them. In 1998, the government and shandong Tibetan cadres to mobilize villagers planting greenhouse vegetables, and greenhouses, plants, and provides the technical support for free. But a lot of people to plant vegetables to learn technology with doubt and fear.