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Organic vegetables planting technology related issues

2017/07/24 17:48
Pest control methods are there?
(1) agricultural prevention and treatment:
One is to choose insect-resistant varieties. The same kind of crop varieties, for the same kind of insect pests of vulnerable degree of different, often this is due to the varieties of insect resistance. Insect resistance in plants is a variety of biological characteristics and the harm to certain pests habits, characteristics, morphology, structural contradictions, make its are not affected by the pest harm or harm the lighter; 2 it is high-value, leveling land. Commune could land surface or in the shallow soil pests into the depths of the earth, make its not unearthed, at the same time, it will turn to pest in soil ground, exposing it to the bad environment, after exposure, dry, freeze or predators, increased pest's death rate. In the commune of land, they found insect pests should be artificial picked out in time; Three is reasonable crop rotation and intercropping. Reasonable crop rotation system can not only economical use of land, and is conducive to crop growth and development, improve the ability to resist pests, especially for the predatory specificity or simple pests (monophagous and some oligophagous insects), can make its deterioration or lack of food, it happen. Such as soybean and gramineous crop rotation for over a year, has good control effect to soybean budworm; Fourth, rational fertilization and irrigation. Reasonable fertilization and irrigation, can cultivate crops growth, increase the resistance to insect pests. Irrigation starscream, wireworm harm may be appropriately reduced. However, if the improper irrigation, can also lead to the occurrence of pests, moreover, such as a large number of applying organic fertilizer, not fully finished generally beneficial mantis cricket, grubs, harm; Five is clean. Qing garden in time after harvesting the crops, weeds stumps on pests and eggs together to clean up the garden, reduce insect pests.